What is the 45 degree rule for extensions?

The 45 degree rule explained

The 45 degree rule is a guideline used in planning regulations, particularly in relation to house extensions. It refers to the angle at which a proposed extension meets the boundary of the property. According to this rule, if an extension is proposed to the rear of a property, it should not project beyond an imaginary line drawn at a 45 degree angle from the centre of the nearest point on a neighbour’s nearest ground-floor window.

The 45 degree rule made easy

In simpler terms, the 45 degree rule helps prevent new extensions from obstructing the light and views of neighbouring properties. By ensuring that the extension doesn’t cross this 45 degree line, it helps maintain reasonable access to light for adjacent homes.
It’s important to note that planning regulations can vary, and local authorities may have their own specific guidelines and requirements. Anyone considering a house extension should consult with their local planning authority to understand the specific rules and regulations applicable to their area.

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