Building Regulations

Building your own home can be significantly cheaper than buying the equivalent property, plus of course, you get to design it to exactly fit your needs.

Building regulations are an additional service to our planning drawings. The reason we do not included building regulations drawings in our fee is because you may have changes or alteration to the original scheme and we would not expect any client to pay for building regulation changes for a scheme they may not be able to build, however, we recommend planning first, then building alongside a structural engineers (SE) specification, if required.

Building regulations generally include the following:

  • Foundations and works design (subject to Structural Engineer (SE) and Building Control Inspector BC))
  • Floor slab/over site spec (subject to SE and BC)
  • Cavity wall insulation and design
  • Roof insulation
  • Section details
  • Inclusive of structural design (if available)
  • Electrical and heating layout (client assistance with positions required)
  • Internal alteration and corresponding notes (project specific)
  • Wall finishes
  • Other project relevant notes
  • We are happy to add your own note(s) that may be a requirement for your project (such as paint colours, tiles, or patio finishes) **the detail/information must be available prior to issuing the final drawings/specifications**.


Why do I need building regulations drawings?

Building regulation drawings ensures the project complies with the latest regulations.

While these are for compliance not construction, it will ensure that you contractor(s) has a detailed set of drawings to price from and also ensures that the materials used within your project are as specified, and not the contractors own materials.

The more detail you give a tendering contractor, the more seriously they take your project (including the tender and construction stages).

If we have gained planning permission for your extension, please ask for a price for building regulations drawings.

If you have planning permission already, please contact PSK for a quote for building regulations drawings (CAD file normally required).