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Looking to build an extension?

Home extension designs Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury & surrounding areas. We are fully qualified architects and can take care of everything for you, without the massive costs.

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PSK Architect

5 Steps to planning

Are you thinking of having an extension, garden infill or development?

Here’s a brief description of the process and timetable.


Meet & brief

Call PSK on 01452 714596

We will attend a meeting with you for a general discussion about your ideas and requirements:

  • Do you need an extra bedroom for a growing family?
  • Do you need an office to work from home?
  • Do you have a large garden that may have development potential?

We can help with all the above and more. Please send us an email or call, we can normally visit within a week.


Instruct PSK to proceed, move onto step 2

Please be aware the timescale between steps can be influenced by the time you take to instruct PSK to proceed.


Measured survey

We need a full survey of your existing house.

  • On most single story extension(s) only the ground floor needs to be surveyed, with elevations. This takes around 2 - 4 hours (dependent on the house size).
  • Two story extension(s) require a survey of all floors, with elevations. This takes around 3 - 6 hours (dependent on the house size).

This will normally happen within 2 to 3 weeks of the ‘Meet & brief’.*

WEEK 3/4


Proposals, adjustments and changes

PSK to produce a full CAD survey

We will arrange a meeting with you and go over your changes with some sketch details. This may include a few options.

This will normally happen within 2 to 4 weeks after the ‘Measured survey’.*

WEEK 6/7

Thinking about the proposal, making adjustments and/or changes?

Please be aware the timescale between steps can be influenced by the time you take to instruct PSK to proceed.


Final design for submission

Final design layouts confirmed

Ready to submit to the local authority.

PSK will submit this on your behalf. This will normally happen within 2 to 3 weeks of ‘Proposals, adjustments and changes’.*

WEEK 8/9


Planning submitted

The planning is being reviewed by the nominated case officer.

The planning is being reviewed by the nominated case officer.

Your application will go for a 21 day consultation.

  • This time allows all neighbours and general public, to be aware that you have a planning application submitted.
  • The planning officer will also consult with highways, building control and the parish council for comment on your application and design.

Be reassured PSK will always share the feedback with you and provide you with options towards any comments from any of the consultants and/or neighbours regarding your application.

After the consultation is over we will be in the queue for the case officer to give their own opinion and feedback. They may ask questions about the design in general. PSK will do their up-most to get your dream project passed and your application approved.

This will normally happen within 8 to 12 weeks, once validated.*

WEEK 9/18

Our standard package (step 1 - 5)

  • Professional plans and elevation drawings
  • Options and liaising with you as required
  • Ordnance survey maps and block plans**
  • Submission of your building application to the local authority

Other available services

  • Negotiation on your behalf with planning officers
  • Preparation of building specifications
  • Building regulation drawings
  • Assistance with structural engineer details
  • Site surveys
  • All other associated work

Outcome of your planning application

We have won many applications, for various different designs, to suit a variety of needs for our clients and their families. See our examples page.

MOSTplanning application

*For most planning applications, (e.g. extensions), from the first meeting to a successful application, the process can take 12 to 16 weeks.

permitted development

*Permitted development (PD) can be done in 8 to 10 weeks, as Step 5 is shorter by 2 to 4 weeks. Some properties may not have PD rights. We will always advise to submit full planning.

new build houses

*New houses can be more complicated and sometimes require other items that extensions might not need, such as; drainage strategy, levels drawings and landscaping details. The overall process normally takes 20 to 24 weeks

WEEK 10/24

The earlier you instruct PSK to start, the sooner you will have your dream design

Whichever type of planning application you need, please call PSK on 01452 714596.

All the information in this booklet is a general guide and provides you with a time scale to aim for.

*Some planning applications can be done in 10 to 12 weeks, whilst others can take much longer because of many situations surrounding a particular property or scheme. **Items can carry fees that will be chargeable. We do not bind ourselves to any of the timescales presented within this paper.

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